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Age Reversal Set


Age Reversal Set

$228.00 $159.60

A light, foaming cleanser that gently removes all traces of dirt, makeup, and other impurities in the skin without stripping away its essential lipids needed to stay plump and hydrated. It contains Seaweed Extract, Chamomile Extract and Sodium PCA to restore damaged skin.

Harness the power of epidermal growth factor that is capable of setting of a cascade of intensive skin repair. Ageless EGF Repair Serum strengthens weakened skin barrier and improves skin elasticity. The presence of Placenta Extract further boosts its anti-ageing capabilities by stimulating fibroblast proliferation and increasing collagen production.


A powerful anti-ageing duo that turns back the clock on ageing skin in the comfort of your own home.

Age Reversal Set is specially curated by Dr. Siew Tuck Wah to take years off your face by plumping the skin and diminishing fine lines caused by premature ageing of your skin.

Any good basic skincare routine for ageing skin should start off with Ageless Refresh Silky Cleanser that can effectively remove impurities and makeup from your skin, without stripping away the essential lipids which is necessary for your skin to stay hydrated and plump.

Before applying your moisturiser, pamper your skin with Ageless EGF Repair Serum to kickstart skin renewal and repair with the power of epidermal growth factor. This youth-preserving serum restores skin barrier and improves skin elasticity with Placenta Extract and a secret blend of strong antioxidant extracts.